Account Settings

Changing / Updating Your Password

Changing Your Password To change the password to your Agenta Dashboard, first log in to your website by visiting Enter your username and password in the fields: Next, navigate to Users > Your Profile in the left sidebar nav. Scroll down to New Password and select Generate Password. The system will automatically generate a […]

Changing Brokerages

If you change brokerages, the Agenta team will update all relevant aspects of your website on your behalf. To request a change, simply email and include the following: Brokerage name Brokerage address Brokerage phone Brokerage fax (if applicable) Date the change should take effect If moving to a brokerage in another state, please also […]

Email Notification Settings

Your account sends a variety of email notifications related to lead activity on your Agenta site. By default, all email notifications are sent to the Main Company Contact in your account. For instructions on how to view and configure your Main Company Contact, click HERE. You can manage the recipients of email notifications using the […]

Agenta Dashboard vs. Leads Manager

When you first log into Agenta, the Agenta Dashboard will load. The features in the Agenta Dashboard allow you to manage various display features of your Agenta website. The Agenta Dashboard is also used to manage your website users, publish your blog content and view analytics for your website viewers. The Agenta Leads Manager can […]

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